The Marshall ACM system has been designed with accessibility in mind, which enables our course content to be available to the largest possible number of readers, visitors or customers, regardless of disability or the type of access technology used. Organisations providing accessible information and services online are open to a wider range of users

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The Marshall ACM e-learning system provides a highly flexible environment that takes the strain out of providing up-to-date training content on an ongoing basis. The system can be branded to conform to organisation’s corporate style and the content can be adapted to suit the requirements needed for each user group without compromising the systems centralised information updates. Organisational administrators can access usage data on the users within the organization and monitor when courses have been completed and compliance met. The built in quizzes allow an organization to see how well the subjects are understood and offer support to those who need it

Web Standards

Designing with web-standards is adhering to world-wide coding standards and the pursuit of best practices (valid, accessible and search-engine-friendly code). In other words, a site built to web standards should be lean, clean, accessible, usable and search engine friendly. Marshall ACM has long adhered to web-standards when creating their systems and the benefits to both clients and end users is unquestionable in terms of providing the broadest platform for access to the information.

Marshall ACM’s e-learning system:

  • Validates to XHTML 1.0 Transitional and is written to Strict
  • Uses CSS signatures and multiple body classes
  • Uses minimal, semantic mark-up
  • Maintains Internet Explorer in standards mode
  • Displays correctly across modern browsers, plus Internet Explorer 5.x
  • Is ordered to help users of assistive technologies including text browsers and screen-readers

Tailored e-learning

We can tailor our products to your needs, or even provide entire end to end solutions.

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Track your learners via our custom LMS solutions.

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