Here are some questions that we often get asked, particularly by new clients who are just dipping their toes into the e-learning sea. Come on in, we say, the water’s fine!

Why use Marshall ACM?

Because we’re a small, but growing e-learning consultancy passionate about our products and services, tried and tested in over 250 UK organisations.

Our experience from working at large consultancies is high pressure on clients to ‘sign-off’ projects before they are fully implemented. Marshall ACM’s flexible approach means you can pilot courses, and tailor them if and when you need to.

What’s an LMS? What’s a portal? What does it all mean?!

The language of e-learning is not the friendliest around. So we’ll guide you through the forest of technical jargon. Once you understand it, it’s a breeze. Honest.

How do you work?

We listen closely to your goals and objectives before we deliver a course to suit your needs. Working with Marshall ACM is like having your own in-house development team with years of experience project managing e-learning courses. We’re more than a consultancy, we offer fantastic customer service and some heart and soul for good measure too.

Can you design a brand new course for us?

Our creative and bespoke approach to delivering e-learning means our experienced e-learning consultants will help you define your training needs. Then we collaborate with you to design cutting-edge interactive learning products.

Close collaboration is at the centre of our approach, and our learning designers use your input to develop a unique e-learning experience.

Can e-learning work for my organisation?

We’ve seen e-learning work for lots of clients in private, public and voluntary sectors. We make sure it’s easy for your users to register on our programmes and that you can easily and quickly issue reminders when trainees don’t complete courses in good time. We believe e-learning is a cost-effective training solution for all organisations.

Do your courses change with the times?

Yes. Content of all our e-courses is updated as soon as or before the law changes. Sometimes we update well before the law comes into effect. When age discrimination laws were being introduced, we used case studies from countries where similar laws already existed.

Is your e-learning accessible & DDA compliant?

Our system has been designed with accessibility in mind, which enables our course content to be available to the largest possible number of users, regardless of disability or type of access technology used.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you’d think. When you break it down to per head, e-learning is a much cheaper than traditional classroom style training.

Our prices are realistic and affordable, though developing accessible, interactive e-learning always requires an up-front investment it definitely pays off in the long run. We offer excellent value for money which is why our clients commission us to produce more courses once they join the Marshall ACM e-learning family!

However, our delivery style means we avoid running over budget, and our price per user is highly competitive. The final price depends on the product, the numbers of users and the number of features you require.

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