Bespoke e-learning

When you get a bright idea for a new course, don’t keep it to yourself! Talk to us and we’ll nurture and grow your original idea into a fully-fledged, effective e-learning experience.

We can hatch a new course using your germ of an idea as a step off point. We produce highly interactive multimedia modules by deploying audio, interaction and video resources. This multimedia approach has been developed after extensive research, testing and client feedback based on learner engagement.

How we do it

  • Our Instructional Designer works closely with you recording all the learning outcomes you desire, the content areas to be included and media/interactivity approaches for the course
  • A complete storyboard is produced in Word and developed with you. This document includes full details of the content and interactions. Several revisions later and we ensure you are fully satisfied with the course content
  • Then we build, review and sign off your brand new course

Please get in touch to find out more about our customised e-learning service please get in touch.

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Tailored e-learning

We can tailor our products to your needs, or even provide entire end to end solutions.

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Track your learners via our custom LMS solutions.

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