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Most e-learning courses need customisation to suit your organisation’s needs. Just choose the courses you need from our extensive e-learning catalogue and your course will be fit for purpose in no time.

Your tailored e-learning courses won’t just ensure your compliance needs are addressed – they will bloom into an expression of your organisation’s values too.

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Course content is bang up-to-date. Our customised e-learning will support your workforce at a tiny ‘per head’ cost and:

  • Keep your employees well-informed about a variety of topics through our expanding and updated e-learning catalogue
  • Provide your employees with the tools they need to stay in the loop on vital compliance issues such as health & safety and equality law
  • Provide flexible opportunities for training and development

If you can’t find the course you need, our bespoke service can produce a brand new course for you.

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Tailored e-learning

We can tailor our products to your needs, or even provide entire end to end solutions.

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Track your learners via our custom LMS solutions.

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