Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We offer different LMS solutions and can create or update an e-learning ‘portal’, the place where all your courses are hosted and released to your workforce.

Our e-learning specialists can implement your Learning Management System then we’ll provide the technical support and training you need to gain total control of your LMS.


We’re Moodle experts. So if you use Moodle as your LMS we can provide training in-person, over the phone or online (via webinars etc). We’ll have the technology to ensure to you get the most out of your Moodle.

We’ll implement Moodle for you and handle the management, implementation, support and training. Moodle is open source and has a big community of users but it’s essential that everyone who accesses it knows how it works, including your e-learning providers and your workforce.

We’ve also developed our own, customisable version of Moodle for clients to pick up and use. It looks great and is simple to use and manage.



A portal sounds very science fiction or ‘Being John Malkovich’ but it’s not that esoteric! Our e-learning portal is an online platform where your Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning courses live.

It looks similar to an intranet and it contains everything you need to run e-learning across your organisation. All you need to access the portal is an internet connection; we don’t need to tinker with your server or your network.

Marshall ACM LMS

  • Marshall ACM’s sophisticated LMS makes it easy to manage e-learning across your organisation:
  • It tells you the number of times trainees have accessed a training/learning module
  • You can see the number of completed modules
  • A reminder function sends an email reminder to anyone who hasn’t completed their course
  • It provides you with a legal record of all completed training

Once you provide us with a list of staff by departments, then your dedicated administrators can search your LMS database by department and surname leading to greater flexibility and more effective management. This has enabled many of our clients to train staff who are hard to reach through the more traditional classroom training approach.

Tailored e-learning

We can tailor our products to your needs, or even provide entire end to end solutions.

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Track your learners via our custom LMS solutions.

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